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IOQM 2023

Updated on October 06, 2023

IOQM Final Results –  2023

The Final list of students selected to write RMO 2023: IOQM-to-RMO-Selection-Final-2023.pdf

Region-wise cut-off scores and counts are given in: Count-of-selected-students-and-regionwise-cutoff-2023.pdf

Any student who has scored at least 10% of the total marks in the IOQM 2023 paper and enrolled for IOQM 2023 as a student of one of the classes 8,9,10,11 will be classified as a Category A student.

Any student who has scored at least 10% of the total marks of the IOQM 2023 paper and enrolled for IOQM 2023 as a student of class 12 will be classified as a Category B student.

The list of students who qualify for the RMO 2023 was  prepared according to the following rules:
(a) From each region (list of regions: https://www.mtai.org.in/rmo-region-codes/)
  1. the top 200 students from Category A will qualify for RMO 2023 along with those tied in the 200th position; these students are indicated by the letter A in the results file.
  2. the top 40 students from Category B will qualify for RMO 2023 along with those tied in the 40th position; these students are indicated by the letter B in the results file.
  3. Five additional girl students from Category A irrespective of the number of girl students qualifying in the top 200 students from Category A will qualify for RMO 2023 under Girls’ quota. These students are indicated by the letters AG in the results file.
(b) There is no separate Girls’ quota for Category B. A girl student of Category B can qualify for RMO 2023 from IOQM 2023 if and only if she is selected among the top 40 students in Category B as described in the previous section.
Note that when the cutoff marks for Category A students in a region is 10, all the girls qualifying would have been selected in the Category A selection itself. Hence for those regions, there is no AG category student.

  • The IOQM 2023 scores are available at  https://ioqmexam.in/  
    You can log in with the registration number as user ID and date of birth as password. For any discrepancies/concerns on the scores, you may contact helpdeskioqm2023@gmail.com or through phone numbers  080-43709264 / 080-41606285 / 080-40937525 (phone contact will be available between  9 30 am and 1 pm and between 2 pm and 6 pm). The queries/concerns if any, must be raised on or before Thursday, 28th September, 6 pm.


The Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics (IOQM) 2023 exam was conducted on Sunday, September 3, 2023 across centers in India.



The IOQM exam constitutes the first stage of selection of the 2023-2024 cycle of the Indian Mathematical Olympiad leading to participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad 2024.

The international Olympiad movement is aimed at bringing secondary and higher secondary students with exceptional mathematical ability and passion for the subject from across the world together in a friendly competition of the highest level. India has been participating in International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) since 1989 and Indian students have won a large number of medals over the years. For more details visit the Olympiads page of the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education.

For the eligibility criteria, click here

For syllabus click here.

For question papers from previous years, click here.

All Queries concerning the IOQM exam may be sent to the Chief Coordinator of Examinations MTA(I), prefereably by e-mail at helpdeskioqm2023@gmail.com. Alternatively, you may write to the address given below.

Chief Coordinator of Examinations
Mathematical Teachers’ Association (India)
Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
V. N. Purav Marg, Mankhurd,
Mumbai-400088, INDIA

Please do not send mails/ queries to any other email id or address. These will not be responded to.


The syllabus for Mathematical Olympiad (regional, national and international) is pre-degree college mathematics. The areas covered are arithmetic of integers, geometry, quadratic equations and expressions, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, the system of linear equations, permutations and combination, factorization of polynomial, inequalities, elementary combinatorics, probability theory and number theory, finite series, and complex numbers, and elementary graph theory. The syllabus does not include calculus and statistics. The major areas from which problems are given are algebra, combinatorics, geometry, and number theory. The syllabus is in a sense spread over Class XI to Class XII levels, but the problems under each topic involve a high level of difficulty and sophistication. The difficulty level increases from RMO to INMO to IMO.

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